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Are you a political junkie in Iowa or someone who has an interest in presidential politics and the role the Iowa Caucus plays? Do you have a favorite candidate in the field for 2012 with photos and information you want to share?

If any of the above is true or if there are others reason that get you excited about the Iowa Caucus, we want to hear from you. We want to create a place where you can be informed and engage with others. If you are interested in helping us out, send us an email and we’ll get you set up.

What to expect as a contributor to IowaCaucus.com

Community contributors are encouraged to submit news items (photos, words, video, audio, etc.) to relevant websites (like this one) through direct uploads, e-mail and in the comments sections.

Contributors are solely responsible for submitted content and its consequences.

Contributors affirm that they have the rights to publish the items submitted.

Original submitted work is credited to the site by: Listing the person’s name, Listing the person’s e-mail address (if provided and desired), Listing the person’s website address (if provided), Affiliated platforms carrying the original submitted content are encouraged to credit the work with at least the contributor’s name.

Contributors give SourceMedia Group the right to publish the submitted content on any website and SourceMedia Group products including, but not limited to, KCRG.com, TheGazette.com, KCRG-TV9, and The Gazette.

SourceMedia Group reserves the right to remove content deemed not entirely accurate, libelous, offensive or deemed unfit for the site in any other way.

Contributors give SourceMedia Group the right to resell original content (for example pictures) and contributors will receive 40 percent of the net revenue from original content sold outside of SourceMedia Group.

Contributors also give SourceMedia Group the right to archive content.

You are the copyright holder of the material.

On photos: Please submit the highest available resolution.

SourceMedia Group reserves the right to crop and/or edit photos.

By uploading content to this site or submitting it to us in any other way you agree to these terms.