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Posted January 4, 2012
GOP contenders look forward to New Hampshire

DES MOINES – The GOP candidates are now turning to New Hampshire.

A new CNN poll has Mitt Romney favored to win the primary, which falls on Jan. 10.   

Top contenders in Iowa said they planned to use their Hawkeye State momentum as they move forward.

“On to New Hampshire. Let’s get that job done. Come visit us there, we’ve got some work ahead,” said Republican Iowa caucuses winner Mitt Romney.

“It won’t be long there’s going to be an election up in New Hampshire and believe me, this momentum is going to continue and this movement is going to continue and we are going to keep scoring just as we have tonight (Tuesday),” third-place Ron Paul said.

Romney is highly favored in New Hampshire.

The GOP contenders will meet up with former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

He has spent a lot of his time in New Hampshire, hardly campaigning in Iowa at all.

South Carolina’s primary follows New Hampshire’s race on the political calendar. It is expected to be a tougher test for candidates.

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