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Posted January 3, 2012
Weird caucus

Marion Ward 2 Precinct 3_ I went and we voted on paper. They called it a straw poll. Good turnout, but I thought you divided up by supporters, then you got so many delegates. No, they wanted to elect them, so since I voted, I left. Why not just go vote. It was Sooo quick. Weird.

2 Responses to Weird caucus

  1. I hope your vote was numbered or you got a voting duplicate as a receipt.

  2. The system you expected is used by the Democratic Party. Republicans take the preference vote but it is not binding on the election of delegates to the county convention, which is the purpose of the GOP caucus. I’ve seen this in previous caucuses, when people showed up and voted and then left, leaving the selection of the delegates to those who remain.

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