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Posted January 3, 2012
Coralville woman speaks to Obama via Skype at caucus

CORALVILLE – Nearly 400 strong, many caucus-goers at the Democratic Caucus at the Coralville Center for Performing Arts, 1301 Fifth St., say they’ve faithfully supported Obama since the last time they caucused in 2008.

The “super caucus,” which combined all the precincts for area democrats, was lively, but efficient. Before 6:30 p.m. officials were welcoming democrats, who quickly filed into registration lines (never reaching more than 10) and hurried into the auditorium for the teleconference with President Obama streaming live from the White House just before 7:15 p.m.

The Coralville Democratic Caucus was one of the few that were able to connect with the president via video feed, allowing one audience member to ask him a question live.

Rosanne Cook, 67, asked Obama how will his reelection campaign will help Americans better understand what they need to do as citizens to achieve the fair society that he had talked about last month.

The crowd cheered and waved their campaign banners when he responded that people need to do their “fair share,” noting on the need to draw tax cuts from the wealthy.

Many say the energy from loyal supporters has not flagged since the 2008 caucus.

“I’m impressed with the turnout,” said 36-year-old caucus volunteer Meghann Foster, a supporter since 2004. “I think a lot of people are feeling the same energy.”

Gabriel Perez, 50, said the party has kept him mobilized through social networking.

Gabriel Perez, 50, of Coralville, said he was able to connect with other Spanish-speaking Obama supporters in the community thanks to the party's grassroots movement for Barack Obama, Organizing for America, Jan. 3, 2011 at the Coralville Democratic Caucus, 1301 Fifth St. (Kathleen Serino/SourceMedia Group News)

Through Organizing for America, Obama’s ongoing grassroots campaign, the Coralville father of two and native of Mexico, was able to connect with other Spanish-speaking Obama supporters in the community, with whom he has exchanged e-mails.

“It makes you feel a little bit more connected,” he said. “There’s not as much anonymity.”

Cook, now retired, is an active member of  Organizing for America, and said she has also been impressed with the party’s “legislative activism.”

Support for Obama didn’t come to a halt after he was elected, Cook said.

“And to be able to talk to the President was just amazing.”

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