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Posted December 29, 2011
Five Occupy protesters arrested at Ron Paul’s campaign headquarters

Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, speaks during a campaign stop at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2011. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Police have arrested five Occupy protesters outside the Ankeny campaign headquarters of Republican presidential contender Ron Paul.

The arrests happened Thursday morning as the protesters gathered to protest Paul’s proposal to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency if elected.

A telephone message left for police was not immediately returned but Occupy the Caucuses spokeswoman Danielle Ryun says the group arrived at Paul’s campaign headquarters to find the doors locked. She says protesters were arrested on trespassing charges after refusing to leave the campaign office.

The arrests came a day after seven Occupy protesters were arrested outside the Des Moines campaign headquarters of Mitt Romney.

Ryun says the plan is for protesters to go to the campaign headquarters of each Republican candidate and Democratic President Barack Obama before the weekend.

2 Responses to Five Occupy protesters arrested at Ron Paul’s campaign headquarters

  1. Although I support Ron Paul and intend to vote for him, his desire to eliminate the EPA is an example of his policy stances that I fear.

    Some environmental problems are interstate in nature, and some EPA regulations probably keep us safe. Eliminating the EPA seems truly unwise.

    But it’s impossible to have a candidate who precisely meets every voter’s wishes. I hope and believe that Congress would minimize a President Paul’s ability to minimize environmental harm.

    I’m motivated to stick with Dr. Paul for one big reason: his sources of campaign money.

    Most voters would not vote for a candidate who had been convicted of bribery, no matter how “electable” he/she is or what his/her policy positions are. So why vote for any candidate who accepts legal bribes in the form of special interest money?

    Voters in this caucus should insist on voting for such a candidate, if their party has one available. There are some politicians who take very little money from any sources except individuals; Ron Paul allegedly is one of them, and he’s the most plausible candidate among those politicians that I know of.

  2. He’s balancing the budget.. If these people are so passionate about saving the enviroment they can start their own organization that is NOT funded by the government to do so. It’s up to the people to make a difference, it’s not our governments responsibility.

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