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Posted November 28, 2011
Iowa Democrats take aim at Romney’s position changes

DES MOINES – Iowa Democrats took a jab at 2012 GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney on Monday, claiming he is two conflicted people trapped in one politician’s body.

Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky said a new ad (available at MittvMitt.com) produced by the Democratic National Committee does an excellent job of illustrating the former Massachusetts governor’s inconsistency on a number of key issues as Romney’s campaign is stepping up its effort in Iowa with less than six weeks to go before Iowa Republicans start the process of picking the 2012 GOP nominee to go up against President Barack Obama next year.

“The American people appreciate that there are many different points of view in this diverse nation. What they don’t expect is one candidate to espouse all of them, but that’s exactly what we’re getting from Mitt Romney – someone who will say and stand for anything to get elected,” said Dvorsky, who called an Iowa news conference as part of a nationally coordinated effort on Obama’s behalf.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks to a group of workers at Nationwide Insurance Company in Des Moines on Wednesday Nov. 23. (Steve Pope/Associated Press)

Brian Kennedy, a former Iowa GOP chairman who is working for Romney’s 2012 Iowa campaign, called the effort an “unprecedented political attack” with the 2012 election still nearly a year away and the first vote in next year’s election process doesn’t come until the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses.

Kennedy said the Democratic media blitz was intended to create a distraction for voters to shift the focus away from “Obama’s failed economic policies.” Democrats know that jobs and the economy is the issue that voters care about and “President Obama knows he can’t win that debate” so he and his surrogates are hoping to distract attention and “change the subject.”

Dvorsky and State Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald contended that Romney continues to do or say anything that he thinks will help him become president, including deceiving Americans in his campaign ads and by flipping positions on abortion, climate change, financial bailouts and other issues to fit his election strategy.

“From the creator of `I’m running for office for Pete’s sake,’ comes the story of two men trapped in one body,” according to the trailer for an ad currently running in five markets but not in Iowa. However, Dvorsky said the message is available to Iowans online and counters “Obama versus Obama” campaign alerts issued periodically by the Romney campaign to highlight instances where the Democratic president’s comments and his policy realities have not jibed.

“The question about Gov. Romney is a question about his beliefs and where he stands on the record. That is not our question. We’re not making this up. This is coming from all over the place. The American people are paying attention and they’re not buying what he’s selling,” Dvorsky said. “He has said he has a strategy and he wants to win Iowa. He’s got a lot of questions to answer before that happens.”

Fitzgerald said Romney is a serial flip-flopper and voters need to know he has changed his positions so many times “we need to point that out.”

“He consistently changes his positions on all of the issues, every one of them down the line and then criticizes other candidates for having his old position even. You expect someone who is running for president to know what they believe in and have their core beliefs,” said Iowa’s Democratic state treasurer.

Mitt Romney talks about his family, faith and hope for America in a David Gergen story written for the Sunday, Dec. 4, PARADE magazine, available in The Sunday Gazette newspaper.


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