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Posted November 26, 2011
Bachmann calls for ‘more Iowa, less Washington’ in White House

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann speaks to local and and national media Saturday, Nov. 26, 2011, in the Cedar Rapids Barnes & Noble bookstore. Bachmann was signing copies of her memoir, "Core of Conviction: My Story."(Mike Griffith/SourceMedia Group News)


CEDAR RAPIDS — Everything she needs to know, she learned in Iowa, Michele Bachmann told supporters at a book signing in Cedar Rapids Nov. 26.

Personal responsibility, “your word is your bond” and giving an honest day’s work, Bachmann said at Barnes & Noble, are her core convictions.

Bachmann, an Iowa native, is on a three day book promotion tour in Iowa in support of her memoir, “Core of Conviction: My Story” that traces her life from its Waterloo roots to her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

“I want to take these Iowa core values into the White House,” said Bachmann, who was accompanied by her husband, Marcus, her mother, Arlene – a Mason City native, and stepfather, Ray LaFave. “We need a lot more Iowa and a lot less Washington, D.C,. at the White House.

That drew applause from more than 100 supporters waiting in line to get their copies of “Core of Conviction” autographed. While her visit to Barnes & Noble was not a campaign event, many said they’ve made up their minds to support Bachmann at the first-in-the-nation precinct caucuses Jan. 3.

“All the way,” said Tim Grove of Hiawatha, who was near the head of the line with his wife, Faye.

More than any other candidate, he said, Bachmann can be trusted.

“Why do you think she’s on the (House) Intelligence Committee?” he asked. “Because she can be trusted.”

Faye Grove applauded Bachmann’s realistic commitment to repealing “ObamaCare.”

“It’s going to take a lot more than executive orders” that other candidates promise, Faye Grove said.

Like the Groves, Carole Sherman of Williamsburg is committed to Bachmann’s candidacy.

“It’s like she says in her book,” Sherman said, “she has a core of conviction. She means what she says.”

Sherman also appreciates Bachmann’s “biblical world view.”

“I respect that. I trust her,” she said.

Jenine Jezek of Cedar Rapids trusts Bachmann because “she’s very strong constitutionally,” she said after getting her copy of “Core of Conviction” autographed.

Mindy Herr waited in line not only to get an autographed copy of Bachmann’s book, but to see her congresswoman.

“We’re big fans,” said Herr, of Minnespolis, who was in Cedar Rapids to visit family.

Jeanie McElwee of Armstrong also was in Cedar Rapids to visit family when she saw Bachmann’s bus pull into Northland Square.

“”I’ve been very impressed with her in the debates,” said McElwee, who also has seen Bachmann on the campaign trial in northwest Iowa.

“She’s smart and I share her values,” McElwee said.

Bachmann’s book tour was been cut short, her campaign manager, Keith Nahigian, said. It was to have been an 18-day tour through the early caucus and primary states, but was shortened when the caucuses were moved ahead a month.

The tour continues Nov. 27 with stops at noon at Barnes & Noble, 4400 Sergeant Rd., Sioux City, and 4 p.m. at  Holiday Inn, 2202 River Rd., Council Bluffs.

3 Responses to Bachmann calls for ‘more Iowa, less Washington’ in White House

  1. I’d far rather have “less Bachmann” and “more Iowa” in our fair state. There’s no way I could care any less about the book she’s pitching and allegedly wrote. I’d find a book about the individual monetary behavior of wood ticks more compelling.

  2. anybody remember the old car commercials featuring David Leisure as “Joe Isuzu?” Dukakis said of the first Bush that he was in danger of becoming the Joe Isuzu of American politics. Bachmann already is. i feel truly sad that people publically profess to “trust” her.

  3. I’m a little tired of her putting Iowa on such a high pedestal. It feels like she is so obviously kissing our butts in order to get elected. If she really liked and appreciated it so much, maybe she would have stuck around instead of moving up to the big city?

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