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Posted October 27, 2011
What’s Ahead Oct. 27: Anti-abortion activist ‘not delusional’ about wresting nomination from Obama

Here comes another Obama challenger. A Democrat.

Randall Terry

Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry is bringing his campaign for president to Iowa, including a stop this morning in front of City Hall in downtown Cedar Rapids.

According to a spokesman, he’s also making ad buys in Iowa, including this one. In it, Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue in the 1980s, calls “Barack Hussein Obama” the “worst president in our history” because his bailouts have “enslaved our children to debt,” his addiction to Mideast oil funds Islamic terrorism, his opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act that prohibits federal recognition of same-sex marriage and “he’s guilty of the slaughter of unborn babies.”

Terry has a nationwide reputation for blocking entrances to abortion clinics. He’s bee arrested more than 40 times.

Terry joins Harry Braun, who campaigned in Iowa to promote his democracy and solar hydrogen economy platform.

Like Braun, Terry doesn’t expect to win the Democratic nomination.

“He’s not delusional,” a spokesman said.

Instead, he’s hoping to mobilize caucus-going prolife Catholics and evangelicals to send a message to the president.

Some say his real goal is not to win the caucuses, but air an ad showing graphic images of aborted fetuses during the Feb. 5 Super Bowl. Broadcasters are allowed under federal law to refuse advertisements unless they are being run by candidates seeking public office.

However, now that the caucuses have been moved from Feb. 6 to Jan. 3, that strategy seems, well, outdated.

Mitt Romney

He makes it look so easy: Sixty-eight days ahead of Iowa’s first-in-the-nation precinct caucuses, Mitt Romney, who has made just five visits to Iowa this election cycle, is leading the GOP presidential field.

In a CNN/Time/ORC International poll conducted Oct. 20-25, the former Massachusetts governor was leading former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and radio talk show host Herman Cain 24 percent to 21 percent, a margin with the poll’s margin of error.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul was third with 12 percent and Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich were tied at 10 percent. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann was favored by 6 percent, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum was at 2 percent and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman polled 1 percent. “No opinion” polled 11 percent.

The poll also found that Romney is leading in the first four primary and caucus states – New Hampshire, Iowa, South Caroline and Nevada.

Creating jobs: Rick Perry’s campaign has released a 30-second television advertisement, “Creating Jobs,” for broadcast and cable across Iowa.

Gov. Rick Perry

“Gov. Perry’s new TV ad signals two priorities, American job creation and the families of Iowa,” said Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan. “The ad, which will be widely seen on Iowa TV and cable stations, underscores Rick Perry’s commitment to sparking millions of new jobs and his record as America’s jobs governor.”

Here’s the script: Gov. Perry: “As President I’ll create at least two-and-a-half million new jobs, and I know something about that.”

“In Texas we’ve created over one million new jobs while the rest of the nation lost over two million.”

“I’ll start by opening American oil and gas fields.”

“I’ll eliminate President Obama’s regulations that hurt other sources of domestic energy like coal and natural gas.”

“That will create jobs and reduce our reliance on oil from countries that hate America.”

“I’m Rick Perry and I approve of this message.”
On the calendar:

Oct. 27

  • Randall Terry, press conference, 10:45 a.m., Cedar Rapids City Hall, 101 1st St. SE

Oct. 28

  • Michele Bachmann, town hall, 12:30 p.m., Radisson Hotel, 111 E. 2nd St., Davenport
  • Michele Bachmann, Carver Pump Co. tour, 3 p.m., 2415 Park Ave., Muscatine
  • Michele Bachmann, town hall, 6 p.m., Burlington Pzazz Center, 3001 Winegard Dr., Burlington

Oct. 29

  • Ron Paul is scheduled to speak at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies Conference at the Polk County Convention Center in Des Moines at 9 a.m.
  • Michele Bachmann, congregation address, 10 a.m. Word of Life Lutheran, 2090 Libertyville Rd., Fairfield
  • Ron Paul will have a town hall meeting at the Santa Maria Event Center, Carroll, 11 a.m., Nov. 1
  • Ron Paul, meet-and-greet, Smokey Row Coffee House, 109 S. Market St., Oskaloosa, noon
  • Michele Bachmann, town Hall, 12:30 p.m., Bridgeview Center, 102 Church St., Ottumwa
  • Ron Paul, town hall meeting, Bridge View Center, 102 Church St., Ottumwa, 2 p.m.
  • Michele Bachmann, town Hall, 2:30 p.m. Smokey Row, 109 S. Market St., Oskaloosa
  • Rick Santorum will participate in a fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 29 in Sioux City

Oct. 30

  • Michele Bachmann, congregation address, 11 a.m., Oct. 30, Grace Baptist Church, 1461 E. Post Rd., Marion

Nov. 1


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