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Posted October 20, 2011
‘Smidgen’ of a chance Grassley will endorse before Iowa caucuses

CEDAR RAPIDS – A day after saying he won’t endorse any of the 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls before the Iowa precinct caucuses, Sen. Chuck Grassley said there’s a remote possibility he may change his mind.

Sen. Chuck Grassley

Grassley announced Oct. 19 that just as he didn’t endorse in 2008, he’s decided not to endorse any candidate ahead of Iowa’s Jan. 3 first-in-the-nation precinct caucuses.

“We’ve got several good candidates, and I think I’m willing to let the system go,” Grassley said.

He repeated that Oct. 20 while talking to Ryan Schlader on WMT Radio 600, and went on to say he’s confident “the cream will float to the top.”

However, Grassley said, “There might be a smidgen of an opportunity” for endorsing someone.

“It’s so minute it’s hardly worth mentioning,” Grassley said, but he mentioned it because “you don’t know what the future might hold.”

Grassley expressed confidence in the candidates and caucus system, adding he believes there at least a couple of people who wouldn’t have become president without winning the Iowa caucuses.

If Barack Obama hadn’t beaten Hillary Clinton in Iowa in 2008, he wouldn’t have gone on to win the Democratic nomination, Grassley said. Likewise, victory in the Iowa caucuses put Jimmy Carter on the path to the nomination. George W. Bush could be included on that list, he said.

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