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Posted August 4, 2011
Gingrich ‘trying to run an adult campaign’ of ideas and solutions

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich (second from right) recites the Pledge of Allegiance alongside George Kanz of rural Linn County (from left), Sharon Bertrouche of Cedar Rapids and Leland Smithson of Cedar Rapids during a Linn Eagles luncheon on Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011, at the Cedar Rapids Country Club in Cedar Rapids. (Liz Martin/SourceMedia Group News)

CEDAR RAPIDS – Move over, President Obama, you’re not the only adult in the room.

Newt Gingrich’s poll numbers may have fallen to single digits, he was abandoned by most of his campaign staff, saw his fundraising dry up and has admitted not having the resources to compete in the Iowa GOP Straw Poll.

But he offers something other candidates don’t, Gingrich told Linn County Republicans Aug. 4. That’s a wealth of experience and accomplishment.

He’s the only candidate in the racer that has been working with the military since 1979, Gingrich said, the only one who has created two Republican congressional majorities, who authored the Contract with America, balanced a budget for four years, passed tax cuts that lead to job creation and lower unemployment.

“I’m trying to run an adult campaign with an adult conversation,” Gingrich told about 50 members of the Linn Eagles, a GOP fundraising group, at a luncheon at the Cedar Rapids Country Club.

Dan Seufferlein, a Cedar Rapids attorney, appreciates that approach.

“He’s engaging voters with his solutions … he’s treating us as if we are adults,” said Seufferlein, who introduced Gingrich.

Gingrich’s solutions are his appeal, added Dean Rothchild of Cedar Rapids.

“He has a record of accomplishments,” said Rothchild, who said that if he goes to the straw poll he’ll “probably mark down Gingrich’s name.”

Gingrich will be on the ballot, but won’t be in the arena at the straw poll. He will participate in the Fox News/Iowa GOP debate Aug. 11 and he will be in Ames Aug. 13. He’s tentatively scheduled to appear at booths for PURSE-PAC, which supports Republican women candidate, and appear with Strong America Now – “No debt, no new taxes” — and the American Wind Energy Association.

Reducing the national debt and increasing the production of wind energy and other forms of domestic energy are part of the solutions Gingrich offers.

Still, he said, jobs are a more pressing concern than the debt ceiling to most people he talks to.

“Job 1 of Congress in September should be jobs,” he said, adding later than if Obama can’t reduce unemployment from 9 percent he’ll be a one-term president.

“We know how to fix these problems,” Gingrich said. “Over seven years the Reagan recovery created the equivalent for our current economy of 25 million new jobs, GDP growth of $1.5 trillion per year, and federal revenue growth of almost $200 billion a year. We can do the same with the same principles: pro-jobs tax cuts, reform the regulatory bureaucracy, create American energy, praise and reinforce job creators.”

However, the Obama administration seems intent on instituting “bureaucratic socialism,” Gingrich said.

“They don’t own your business but they tell you how to run it,” he said.

Gingrich called for the repeal of the Dodd-Frank law, calling it “an overwhelming requirement for local small banks, unfairly inhibiting growth of small firms and driving down the price of housing.”

He also wants to keep $500 billion a year in the United States by using domestic sources of energy – everything from new Ohio oil discoveries and the Pennsylvania natural gas discoveries to ethanol, flex fuel vehicles and blender pumps as part of an overall American energy policy.

Gingrich will participate in a five-county GOP fundraiser from 5 to 8 p.m. Aug. 5 at Clear Creek-Amana High School in Tiffin.

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