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Posted July 27, 2011
Obama challenger pushes for democracy, hydrogen economy

IOWA CITY – With missionary zeal, Harry Braun is trying to “ring the bell’’ at the Iowa caucuses.

Harry Braun

Not “ring the bell” as in wresting the party’s nomination away from incumbent President Barack Obama. Instead, the Arizona Democratic wants Iowa caucus-goers to help set in action the use of an overlooked provision of the U.S. Constitution to jumpstart the economy, create millions of jobs, clean up the environment and reduce health care costs.

It’s all part of the Braun’s democracy and solar hydrogen economy platform. His democracy amendment” to the Constitution would allow citizens to seize control of a federal government that for too long has been in control of lobbyists and special interests.

Iowa Democrats have the power to change the course of history by adopting his resolution to amend the Constitution with these words: “We the people, hereby empower the majority of American citizens to approve all federal legislation, executive orders and judicial decisions that impact the majority of citizens.

“There are 35,000 lobbyists who run government and the rest of us are fools if we think we have anything to say about it,” Braun said July 26 at the University of Iowa.

“I’m mad as hell,” added Braun, who has worked as an analyst on several technology projects with Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas, for example, and on BMW’s hydrogen-powered car. He’s heads a foundation promoting clean technology and involved in a $180 million wind farm. “I’m not here because I’m having a good time.”

But Braun, who travels with his wife Lucille, seems to be having a good time on the UI campus this week promoting his presidential campaign, calling for democracy and a solar hydrogen economy.

Braun will deliver a PowerPoint presentation July 28 detailing his proposed Democracy and Fair Accounting Act amendments, which he calls the “trigger mechanism” for ending the influence of lobbyists. That will allow the U.S. to shift from fossil fuels and nuclear fuel to a solar hydrogen economy.

Friday, at 11 a.m., Braun will have a rally for his democracy amendment, and July 30, he will be at a 2nd District Democratic workshop in West Liberty.

For more on his activities, visit www.Braun2012.us.

The short version electricity of Braun’s solar hydrogen economy is using electricity generated by wind and other solar technologies to extract hydrogen from water, which then can be stored as a universal fuel to power any existing engine or power plant.

Braun is quick to point out that a car with a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine was first introduced in 1807.

He advocates shifting to the hydrogen economy “at wartime speed” in the same way as American industry shifted direction when the U.S. entered World War II.

The transition would create millions of jobs in wind turbine construction, wind farm development and modernization of the electric grid, Braun said.

Beyond jobs, the benefits would include revitalization of American industry, a cleaner and healthier environment as fossil fuel dependence decreased, greater national security because the U.S. would not have to rely on foreign sources of fuel.

“But I can’t do it alone,” Braun said. “I can put it out there” for Iowans to take up the cause at their caucuses.

So far, he admits, he hasn’t had a great deal of success in getting the word out. He’s met with small groups, but said when tells Democrats he’s running for president they say they have a candidate.

Braun’s not impressed with the incumbent.

“If you like Bush policies, vote for Obama,” he said.


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